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Janet Bellacera

I'm an Orlando area photographer who loves taking candid, timeless, portraits of Families, Newborns, Seniors and Pets. Photography has a way of taking a single moment in time and capturing it for a lifetime of memories.

As a Mom to three wonderful girls I have spent countless amounts of hours behind the camera trying to capture every single moment in time.  It was easy to love photography at that time because what Mom doesn't want to spend hours looking at their beautiful children?  Many times I would be amazed by the images I was able to capture and friends would often say "Wow, you should do this for a living".  Umm, yeah right...chasing three little girls around doesn't really leave someone with a whole lot of time for following a passion.

Fast forward several years later, my girls are now teenagers and often times they can find me behind the lens documenting all of their wonderful milestones like first dates, Prom, Homecoming, Graduations, or senior portraits.  When I'm not doing that, you can find me outdoors because nature photography is the next best thing.  I especially love macro photography, I love being able to capture the fine details that are often lost in everyday life.  Now a days, instead of friends telling me I should do this for a living, it's my girls that often encourage me to follow my passion.  So here it enormous leap of faith.

Thank you to my three beautiful girls, Alexis, Julia & Kayla.  Mom loves you!

Take a look at some of my favorite pictures, Click here to see My Portfolio

Hopefully, I will be able to capture your Life Through The Lens

- Janet Bellacera

What Others Are Saying...

September 10th 2017

"Janet was so patient with our family at the beach - 2 pre teen boys are not easy to photograph, even with the impending storm we were trying to beat.  What a great time and fabulous photos!!!!  Thank you to a very talented lady!!!"

Lena Lini

August 28th 2017

"It was so wonderful to have pictures taken of my Golden Retriever and ALL of the photos are amazing!  Thank you for the wonderful experience and all of the photos that I'll treasure forever!  You are fabulous with animals and truly do capture their personalities on film!"

Denise Bravo

July 27th 2017

"Super talented!  And managed to capture our beagles despite their stubborn attitudes."

Cynthia Bravo-White

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