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Walk along Driftwood Beach, FL also know as Boneyard Beach

     So...on a recent trip to Amelia Island for my 20th Wedding Anniversary my husband and I decided that we were going to do what we love most; hike, visit a few State Parks, and take in some "Mother Nature".  Driftwood Beach was a stop I was not going to miss.  A beach that is remote, isolated, and covered in driftwood, hello...sign me up!  After reading a few reviews online we decided to play it safe and we headed to Little Talbot Island State Park to speak with a Ranger and get the scoop on this location.  As always, the Ranger at the State Park was awesome and super informative.  She pointed us in the right direction, told us where to park and what to expect.  Before we headed out, we did check out Little Talbot Island State Park, but that is going to be a blog for a later time.  

Black Rock Parking Area

    This blog is going to be slightly different that all my other blogs.  There is no address (hence the GPS coordinates up top), there are no bathrooms, no history, and no real signs to get you there.  However, if you are looking for a little adventure that is fairly easy to navigate and something super cool that just can't be seen any other way...then this is it.  I'm going to give you location information, hike information and a few other things, along with some awesome pictures to help motivate you to get out there and see it for yourself.  So let's get started...The GPS coordinates above are going to take you to the parking area that is right off of A1A/Heckscher Drive, here is what you need to know about that...

- If you're traveling South on A1A the parking is on the left

- Parking is limited, you can park on the side of A1A, but your tires must be off of the road and you still have to pay the fee to park.  They will ticket you...

Black Rock Enterance to hiking path...

Information on the Hike

     You're going to begin your hike right near the Black Rock parking area.  You will see a sign that cautions visitors that beach erosion makes the trail a little challenging for some.  The hike is about 1/2 mile to the beach, so 1 mile round trip.  Keep in mind that it will take you about 20-30 minutes depending on your pace.  The trail is wide and for the most part sand and branches.  This trail takes your right through the trees so bugs are just going to be part of your hike.  We did see a small bench at about the half way mark just in case you need to take a break.  Once you reach the end, it's a little confusing because the trail just ends...and you're up against a tree line with several large dead trees blocking your path.  Now here is the challenge, you have to scramble your way down the trees, and branches on to the beach area.  This is going to require climbing, bending, twisting, and ducking under a few things.  So it can be a little tricky.  Once on the sand, just sit back and enjoy the view.  

10 Things You Must Know...

#1  You must go during low tide

#2  You must wear bug spray

#3  Get the bug spray for No-See-Ums too

#4  Wear sneakers for the hike and climb

#5  Bring flip flops for walking on the sand

#6  Visit Little Talbot State Park for information

#7  Visit Little Talbot State Park for restrooms

#8  Bring plenty of water

#9  Bring a towel to sit on the beach

#10 Bring sunscreen

Walk along Driftwood Beach, FL also know as Boneyard Beach

Walk along Driftwood Beach, FL also know as Boneyard Beach

The perfect place to get lost in solitude. Trails along A1A lead you to this section of the beach.

Massive Trees Line the Beach

     I was shocked once we reached the beach at the sheer size of the trees that are tossed on the sand like skeletons baking in the sun.  Now I understood why the beach is also know as "Boneyard Beach".  Not only are the trees massive but you will find tons of them.  We visited Boneyard beach just after low tide so we could see all of the trees.  The entire beach is way different that what I have grown accustom to here in FL, the sand is not white it's brown, and the rocks on the beach look like lava rocks.  I was surprised to see this and felt like I was somewhere completely different than Florida.  Driftwood Beach has to be on your list of places to check out the next time you are in the area.  

Walk along Driftwood Beach, FL also know as Boneyard Beach
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