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     If 2,500 acres of pristine, maritime forest, natural salt marshes and over 5 miles of white sandy beaches is something you're looking for then Little Talbot Island State Park has that, plus so much more.  I visited Little Talbot recently during low season and found the park almost empty, with the exception of a few families enjoying the camp grounds.  It was wonderful, an entire park all to myself to look around and explore.  After a quick stop at the ranger station to pick up some information on the park and find out more about camping, my husband and I decided to check out the park.  Our first stop was at the camp ground, my hubby and I just recently purchased an RV and we've been scouting out locations as we visit different parts of FL.  Stay tuned for updates on each FL365 location as I included RV and camping information.  Ok, so back to this blog...                   

The ranger station at Little Talbot Island State Park is also the place to get information on Driftwood Beach.   Don't know what Driftwood Beach is, check out that blog post right here...

Things to Do

-  Beach


-  Birding

Campfire Circles

-  Camping

-  Canoeing & Kayaking

-  Fishing

-  Hiking/Nature Trail

-  Interpretive Exhibit

-  Picnicking

-  Playground

-  Shelling

-  Surfing

-  Swimming

-  Tours

-  Visitor Center

-  Wildlife Viewing

Rare pic of me...

     When you are visiting Little Talbot Island State Park you are not only visiting a truly natural area but this park is one of the most protected barrier islands.  As we parked our car and headed over to the long boardwalk that stretched over the sand dunes it was very evident that we were somewhere different.  While you think the board walk is for the convenience of us, it' s actually the State Parks way of protecting this delicate land from further erosion.  While on our walk to the water, we saw tons of birds, including several migratory birds, flowers, and native beach plants and grasses.  As we approach the beach the sand dunes rolled from the sea grass onto the sand and we were greeted by an expansive beach covered in shells, birds, and driftwood.

Little Talbot Island State Park

Rare pic of hubby...

Little Talbot Island State Park

     Just a heads up...I know that once you see all of the gorgeous driftwood laying around the beach you're  going to feel compelled to maybe grab a piece for yourself but DON'T!  While the driftwood looks dead and dry, it's actually full of life.  If you look closely, all types of tiny animals live on the drift wood, it's almost like a dry reef for microscopic land animals.  Remember the saying...

"Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time."

- John Muir

     The one thing you can actually take at this park are the seashells, and boy are you going to have a great selection.  Everything from teeny tiny shells the size of your fingertip to larger shells about the size of the palm of my hand.  I found it all on this beach.  Most times when I find shells they are either  broken, or damaged.  The shells I came across on this beach were perfect.  The next time you think about heading out to the beach you have to check out this park, and I would actually suggest taking a beach trip during either the fall or winter months.  This way, you can have the beach all to yourself.          

Everything a Florida Beach Should Be!

Little Talbot Island State Park

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