Babies & Toddlers - Janet Bellacera

From the moment that Doctor puts your newborn in your arms, you are in awe of this tiny wonder that you've  been blessed with.  Capturing their tiny, soft, squishy little details is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that is best captured within the first few weeks of a newborn's life.  My in home sessions are the perfect way to capture these intimate moments between a newborn and their new family.  These sessions are slow paced, relaxed and candid allowing for snuggle time, feeding time or just a sweet little nap.  Relish in the first few months for all too soon you will have a toddler on your hands.     

Toddlers...what more can be said about our tiny toddlers?  I spent 4 year as a preschool teacher and love toddlers.  While capturing their sweet moments does take a ton of energy and a ton of patience they are actually my favorite to photograph.  There is something about the way a toddler sees the world and interacts with it that is truly heartwarming.  This is when personality starts to shine and from every silly smile to that infectious giggle, I am there, on the floor, playing, teasing, or being silly with them.  While many times parents are nervous about how their little one will behave, I have never had a toddler I did not love.                     

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