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     Hey Guys!  Welcome to the 2020 season.   If you haven't kept up and need a refresh, I suggest heading over to the 2018 and 2019 season just so you can see what we've been up to in the last 2 years.  Travel with a family of 5 or more can be hard, but here's the rundown on the gang there's my husband of almost 25 years Joe, our 3 girls Alexis 21, Julia 18 and the baby of the family Kayla 16.  Sometimes we hit the road with a few extras like Chase, Lexi's insanely sweet and talented boyfriend, Harley our bat-shit crazy Hungarian Vizsla, the old man in the family Kobi, he's our 9 year old Italian Greyhound and every once in while we have the rest of my large Hispanic family.

     So, while I live a very normal suburban life, Mom of 3, Insurance Agent by day, home in a typical picturesque community in reality I'm also a pick up truck loving, nature enthusiast, who loves hiking, kayaking, and anything that puts me in the middle of nowhere who dreams of traveling the county in her RV someday.  Follow us as we explore what FL has to offer and join the chaos!


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Clearly I could not get it together enough in 2020 to post to the blog.  I promise 2021 will be better.  Let's just blame it on COVID because after all it was a crazy year and traveling was hard and it's just easier to blame it on a bad 2020!!! 

   I know what you're gonna say..."What the heck?  Where the hell did the 2020 season go?"  I've had a bunch of you ask and while I would love to say I have a great answer for that, I just don't.  I do however have a bunch of excuses like life, kids, our crazy puppy, my full time job, COVID-19, quarantine and so on and so forth.  In reality 2020 has just slipped away...it's not like we haven't been traveling we just haven't been blogging and like so many others we have been on lock down for a few months, but we're back, I promise!  So we're gonna change it up a bit over the next few months because life has gotten so busy I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up with a brand new location weekly, however with that being said, we have some major RV trips planned like a trek from Orlando to TN across NC and down to SC, with tons of stops in between.

   We have something new to add to the 2020 season,  WE BOUGHT A BOAT!  I know...we know nothing about boating.  Again, we are clueless which has proven to be a huge shitshow full of learning, frustrating moments and questions like "when the hell does the fun begin?"  The plan for the boat is to not end our marriage while backing it down the ramp but to add to our Florida adventures and eventually add to the fun, I'm not sure about that part.  We'll be talking more about the boat, the new toys for the boat, cha-ching, and being new boat owners.  I'm also trying to convince Joe that we need an RV remodel, he's not sold, but I know I'm going to win.  Good news for 2020, the boyfriend is still around, not my boyfriend, that would be weird, Lexi's boyfriend made it to the 2020 season so he's back too.  Also, back in 2020 is the crazy Hungarian Vizsla, who is over the top cute and exhausting at the same time.  Tips on traveling with dogs, pet-friendly park and more.  So sit tight, get comfy, and get ready for some awesome travel locations.

Gotta get writing, then hit the road to live life to explore!



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