2021 Season-Florida Travel Hotspots and More

     Ok...2020 was a hot mess for so many of us including myself.  While my husband and I did travel in 2020 it just seemed like I could not get to writing and posting.  With that being said we are going to be changing things up a bit, rather than me posting every week a new location, I'm just going to post more randomly.  Also, while obviously Florida is my focus because it's my home state, we have started traveling outside of FL with the rig and will bring you a few awesome destinations to check out.  

     Lots of changes in the Bellacera household have happened this past year.  While our RV used to be packed with teens, dogs, friends and more, Joe and I are finding ourselves camping more often with just ourselves, insert happy and sad emoji.  I'm not even sure how I feel about that, we're just in this odd time in our lives.  My eldest moved out with her boyfriend, grandma was not happy.  My middle is working part time while she attends her last year in High School, or maybe just uses that as an excuse because she really doesn't like the outdoors.  Our youngest to be honest, hates traveling with just us, what the hell Kayla we are so much cooler than the average parents.  Obviously I'm happy to have ALLLLL this alone time with hubby but I also really miss the chaos. 

     Anyways...back to the blog.  We got a boat right smack in the middle of quarantine, so it sat in my garage for almost 3 months before we took it out, that's awesome!  It's been quite a challenge to learn but so far so good.  We might be trading in my beloved GMC 1500, and upgrading our hybrid camper.  As you can tell a lot is going on and hopefully we can get some great stuff onto the blog this year.  Time to get booking a few sites!



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