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     My husband and I started kayaking about 8 years ago when my husband got the bright idea to buy one without telling me, he ended up purchasing  a 3 seater, 13ft, Perception Rambler.  I found out the hard way when I  went to pull into my garage and their was a massive kayak sitting on the floor.  At the time, I was less than thrilled to take on this new adventure but today, it's by far one of my favorite pass times as well as my families.  We have spent countless amounts of hours paddling the fresh and salt water rivers, streams, inlets, and springs.  Today we own 2 individual kayaks (which are much easier to transport and carry) and we take them just about everywhere we can.          

About Kayaks River Rentals

     For this adventure we headed out on a 3 mile paddle with About Kayaks River Rentals, in Sebastian, FL.  They provide you with everything you need for your paddle.  They have both single and tandem kayaks along with your pick of sit-in or sit-on styles.  They provide life jackets and cases to keep your keys, phones and wallets protected from the water.  They provide the transportation to the launch site and once you're done with your paddle down the river, they will go and pick you up, load the kayaks, and take you back to your car.  I love this company, professional, nice and true lovers of nature.

     We actually ended up taking 2 trips with this outfitter.   On our first trip we took a guided tour with Jennifer, she was awesome! It was like spending the afternoon with someone you have known forever.  She took her time to make sure everyone was comfortable, and pointed out several of her favorite spots along the river.  She gave us facts and information about the wildlife and plant life along the river and pointed out things along the river that you would otherwise miss.  On that trip we took my 2 youngest daughters who at first, were both pretty nervous about riding down the river all on their own.  Once Jennifer got them settled, and our trip began, they were soon busy paddling, and enjoying nature to be nervous.  I was a lucky girl, because for most of the ride down the river my hubby paddled while I just sat back and took pictures.  

     On our second trip, we decided that we loved it so much we wanted to share the experience with my eldest daughter Lexi, and her boyfriend Chase.  This time around we took our 2 single person kayaks and rented a tandem one for my husband and I.  With a small transportation charge they loaded our kayaks up and we headed to the top of the river to the drop off location.  We opted for a ride down the river without a guide, I was a little nervous at first but then I remembered that this run is pretty simple and straight forward.  As promised, once we reached the call point, I called over to Jennifer and 20 minutes later she met us at Wimbrow Park.

     Both rides down the St. Sebastian River were amazing, relaxing and stunning.  It's a large expansive river that is slow flowing with little to no traffic.  It's the perfect way to spend a day just floating and enjoying the great outdoors.  About Kayaks River Rentals takes the guess work out of kayaking by basically taking care of all the details for you.  This way all you have to worry about is having fun.

The St. Sebastian River

     At first glance when you ride down the river you notice the breath taking scenery and since you're in a kayak, you get the chance to get up close to some of the unigue foilage that surrounds this little slice of paradise.  We spent time picking out a few beautiful flowers, unigue air-plants growing on the trees, trees of all shapes and sizes and amazing colorful plantlife.  We were able to glide underneath massive tree banches and take in a beautiful vantage point right from our kayak.  At one point we all got hungry and huddled together to have lunch.

Wildlife on the River

     While kayaking the St. Sebastian River we found wildlife everywhere we looked.  Everything from large hawks, ospreys and vultures to tiny song birds, and small sparrows.  As we made our way down the St. Sebastian River we also saw a few alligators sunning on the banks, and turtles taking in the sunshine.  Our guide Jennifer told us that many times people will see manatee in the river, unfortunately on that day, we didn't get to see any.  My girls got a kick out of watching the fish jumping out of the water and several times we watched the osprey glide effortlessly down from the trees to hunt from the river.  If I were to give you one piece of advise for this trip, it's to take your time, once you pay the rental fee you can stay out on the water however long you want.  If you think you are going to take your time down the river like we did, just let them know ahead of time so they know not to expect you at the 2 hour mark. 

Things You Need to Know

     So now you've decided to head out on an adventure with About Kayaks River Rentals, well now here is what you need to know before you head out...

-  Be sure to pack a dry sack with water & snacksWe packed a lunch but keep in mind that you will be eating on your kayak.

-  Wear a hat especially in the spring and summer.  There is no shade on the river.

-  Bring a camera.  You will need a zoom lens to capture most of the wildlife.  Just keep in mind that you're out of luck if it falls in the water.

-  An underwater camera or Go-Pro is best.

-  They provide life jackets, and they must be worn.

-  A phone with GPS is a good idea just in case you get turned around.  Hard to do, but we did use it to locate Wimbrow Park. 

-  There is no where to stop once on the river.

-  It takes about 2-3 hours for the entire run.

-  Plan on your shoes getting wet.

-  Sunscreen is a must.

-  For Rv'ers they have parking for large rigs.  Call ahead.

-  You most likely will see gators, just paddle away from them and you'll be fine.

-  There is only one direction to paddle in, follow the downstream path.

-  Keep your eye out for the calling point that they give to you.

-  The last portion of this run, is a little bit more difficult to paddle due to the current.

-  Once the river opens, Dale Wimbrow Park basically right in front of you slightly to the right.

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