Lukas Nursery - Janet Bellacera

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     There is everything to love when coming to Lukas Nursery & Butterfly Encounter, from the family friendly atmosphere to the amazing collection of plants and trees perfect for your garden.  Lukas Nursery in Oviedo, has been serving Central Florida since 1973.  This family owned and opertated nursery has been a staple in the Oviedo community since the Lukas family moved to the area in 1911 and began farming in 1912.  What started as a small family owned nursery with 50-1 gallon plants for sale under an old chicken house in 1973, quickly grew to a 2.5 acre container-grown nursery complete with a propagation house.  In 1976, the property grew to 24 acres and the first official sing was placed on the land.

Come Feed the Painted Lady Butterfly

     Over the years the family has continued to grow the nursery into the wonderful place it is today.  You will find a barn full of gorgeous pottery, a massive barn that is the sales center, a state-of-the-art greenhouse which is home to several species of orchids and other tropical plants along with my favorite place, the Butterfly Encounter and Gift ShopWhen you first walk are always greeted  by a friendly staff member.  The shop is full of cute, unique gifts, you are bound to find something for everyone.  Attached to the Gift Shop, is the entrance to the Butterfly Encounter, once inside this butterfly and bird conservatory  you are surrounded by butterflies, finches, and  be on the look out for the tiny Chinese Button Quail, which most often can be found on the ground walking along the pathways and hiding in the plants.  The conservatory has a cute bridge, and waterfall where you will find the finches often bathing and cooling off in the FL heat.  At the end of your tour, you can enter the feeding area for the Painted Lady butterfly.  These tiny creatures have no problem sitting right on your hand to get a tasty treat.  They are so used to people I have had them on my hair, back and face.  In the past, I have taken all of my kids to Lukas and some have loved it, and others have not liked how friendly these butterflies are.  At first, it can be a little overwhelming having them fly around you, but once you realize how delicate they are, you are eager to just hold one.

So Much More Than Just a Plant Nursery!

     While Lukas Nursery has tons of plants and trees, that is not the only thing they have.  You can find a wonderful assortment of cool and unusual garden sculptures, outdoor furniture, pots, flags, wind chimes, and so much more.  On most weekends they have a hotdog vendor so you can snack and walk.  We visit last weekend and they were hosting a Fall Festival, complete with hayrides, face painting, vendors, and bounce houses.  There is always something new to see at Lukas.

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