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     My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in November and as a gift to us, he convinced me to purchase a travel trailer.  This is Ellie our new 2018 Forest River Rockwood Roo 183.  While at first, I was a little hesitant on the idea, I have since grown to love this idea.  My family and I love the outdoors and what better way to enjoy it than by getting out there and seeing it.  So, in the last few months while Ellie has been being built, I have already managed to book several vacations with her.  Realizing once she arrived, that this was something completely new for us, and we were absolutely clueless, I immediately decided that we needed to get out there for a few 1 night stays locally, to break her in and figure things out and how we ended up at Moss Park a few weekends ago.  

"Ellie's" Maiden Voyage

Right outside of our campsite

Camping at Moss Park

     I'm not going to go into the details about our first trip with Ellie, mainly because I'm thinking of setting up a blog just for that so stay tuned.  However, I am going to tell you all about this park.  Moss Park has over 1551 acres of land sandwiched between 2 large lakes, Lake Mary Jane and Lake Hart.  This location alone makes this park a wonderful place for wildlife, birding, trails, camping and basically anything nature related.

     The campground has 54 RV/tent sites situated under the massive pine and oak trees, a dock that is within walking distance, a large pavilion that can only be rented by campers, 2 bunkhouses with restrooms, showers and outdoor sinks, and a playground close by.  Since the campground areas is situated pretty far from the main park area and entrance, I would definitely recommend bringing bikes.  Each site has either 30 or 50 AMP electrical connections, picnic table, and a fire pit.  The only one draw back to the sites is that they don't have any sewer hookups at the site, you must use the dump station.  If you're just staying for a few nights this isn't such a problem but for longer visits it's not ideal.  As with most campgrounds in Orange County, they do not allow pets, they do not allow alcohol, and you can't tie anything to the trees like hammocks.  Most sites are back-in only with the exception of a few family/group sites which are pull-thru.  All in all if you're looking for a quite campground with enough to do and NOT do, this is a great location. 

Click here for my custom campground map!

Want more to do?

     As with so many Orange County parks in FL, each park is unique and divers in their own way.  Moss park is a nature lovers paradise, but along with that, it's also a great place for people who are super active or for those of us who like to take is easy, unwind and relax.  Here is what you can do while visiting Moss Park.

-  Swimming

-  Boating

-  Hiking

-  Kayaking

-  Paddle Boarding

-  Jet skiing

-  Bird watching

-  Camping

-  Fishing


  With so many wonderful options, you're gonna need stuff to do that with.  This park has a full list of amenities including...

-  2 Boat ramps

-  3 Fishing docks

-  2 Playground

-  Beach (currently closed)

-  Picnic Pavilions for rent

-  Picnic tabels

-  Grills

-  4 Volleyball nets

-  1 Beach volleyball

-  2 Trails

-  Group campsites

-  Family campsites

-  Group campfire

     Since all state, local and national parks are only open from sunup to sundown, I have often wondered how amazing it must be to stay at the park and have the opportunity to see either the sunrise of sunset.  Since I was already awake at 5 am due to a mattress that, well, let's just say, was not at all comfy and is now on the priority list of things to upgrade in the travel trailer, I thought this was a wonderful opportunity to get up and get out.

Problem #1, this required me to climb over my husband to get out of bed.

Problem #2, this required me to find my way through a new travel trailer in the dark.

Problem #3, this required me to get dressed in a bathroom that has about 4 sqft. of standing space.  I'm not kidding you!

     How do you solve these problems?  You accidentally "not accidentally " , wake up your hubby and ask him if he wants to go on a walk with you.  Not wanting me to get eaten by a squirrel, or stabbed by a Sandhill Crane, he agreed.  The sunrise that morning was nothing short of majestic, and the bonus was that for hours it was just the two of us.  

On the hunt for animals

     No blog of mine is complete with out the hunt for some animals and boy did Moss Park deliver.  Wildlife was abundant first thing in the morning just after the sun came up.  Even my husband was pretty happy he'd gotten up early to see them.  On the list of animals we saw were; White Ibis bathing in the water under the morning sunlight,  a family of Sandhill Cranes and their colt out looking for food, Wood Storks more than 30 or so, Im not sure what they were doing but they were everywhere, Red-winged Blackbird preening himself, a White-tailed doe and her calf walking along the campground.  All in all, I'd say we did pretty well. 

Have you been to Moss Park?

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