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How I Became an RV Owner

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     I'm not even sure I know where to begin with this blog post but people are often curious as to how I ended up with an RV, and how the heck we manage to not kill each other while on vacation.  Well it's actually kind of a Blogger for The FL365 Project, I am often traveling around the Sunshine state looking for some adventure.  I'm not a big fan of the normal tourist hotspots and often try to find hidden treasures off the beaten path.  What happens if you add in a brand travel trailer, 3 teenage daughters, a husband who is desperately trying to manage this many females in his life, and my crazy little Italian Greyhound Kobi?  Well, you might end up with great stories, maybe a few lessons learned, maybe some tears along the way, but hopefully what you end up with is a lifetime of valuable memories with your family or at least that's the plan.  Before we can even get started, I need to introduce you to my crazy family...         

The Bellacera Family

Joe & Janet (Dad & Mom)

First, we have my husband and I who have been together for over 25 years, and have been married for almost 21.  We are high school sweethearts who have completely opposite personalities.  My hubby is a firefighter who is pretty serious at times, but will do just about anything for his family.  He has a slight addition to toys, really big toys and loves anything that involves being outside.  On to me, I'm definitely a free spirit who has no need for a watch or likes to keep a schedule, I love anything that is creative and outside, and have been know to have a hilarious sense of humor.

Dad (Joe) & Mom (Janet)
Our Eldest (Lexi)

Lexi (Our Eldest Daughter)

This is our first born, Lexi who turns 19 very soon.  This kid is a mix of Dad and I. She gets her artistic side of life from me, she loves being outside, by the water, and loves chilling out in her new hammock.  She is starting to travel on her own and discover the world without us, not sure if I'm excited, or just sickened by the thought of that.  Currently in college, she is figuring out the "REAL" world real quick.  At one point she wants to just live in Key West and start a surf shop then the next second she wants to be a Physical Therapist. Maybe she can blend the two together somehow.  Good luck with that.

Julia (Our Middle Daughter)

Not enough can be said about Julia, she has always been a little spitfire, she has a hilarious sense of humor (sometimes inappropriate but funny) and she loves being honest and keeping it real. If you're looking for a true opinion on something, she is the girl to go to.  She is not my most adventurous kid, but is always willing to get out there and try, even if she sarcastically complains about it.  She love animals and is the first kid to get excited with me when we see something new.  This year Julia turns 16 (insert sad emoji here) and someday wants to be a Veterinarian, yeah for me, free medical care for Kobi

Our Middle Daughter (Julia)
The Baby (Kayla)

Kayla (The Baby of the Family)

This is our KK as we call her, while she is no longer a baby at age 13,  I will admit, she gets away with a ton of crap.  She wants to be a Firefighter someday just like Dad and loves the outdoors just as much as the rest of the family.  However, she is the baby and often times can be found sittin' around not helping out.  She is just about as sweet, kind, and gentle as they come and is the epitome of a Southern girl at heart.  Out of all of my girls, she is actually my most adventurous and often times is first to test out something new.  I think it's mainly because the other two are too scared to try things first so they send her.

Kobi (The Spoiled Dog)

Kobi is a tiny 10 pound Italian Greyhound. He is the only other male in the home, and he rules the roost.  He is spoiled rotten by the women in my home who carry him around, snuggle him, and kiss on him daily. He is one of the main reasons for getting the travel trailer, he has been kicked out of 2 boarding facilities and is the worst dog to dog sit, but we love him to death so he comes on vacation with us.  He just recently recovered from a serious compound fracture on his front leg and has spent the last 4 months getting none stop love and prayers.   How can that cute face get kicked out of boarding?

The Dog (Kobi)

The Story of Our "First" Rockwood Roo

     So how did we end up with a, 25ft Forest River Rockwood Roo 183 hybrid travel trailer?  Well that actually started back in November.  My husband and I went on a 4 day, adults only vacation to Amelia Island for our 20th Anniversary, and while we were there we were talking about how the past 20 years have been a shitstorm of chaos.  Now don't get me wrong, it's been wonderful but raising 3 kids, jobs, a period of unemployment, 3 home purchases, a career change for my husband, and a new business for me is a lot to take in for anyone, and now you top that off with raising 3 teenage girls.  Holy Moly! I'm shocked we're still married.  Anyway, it left us both wondering what the next 20 years was going to be like.  We talked about how fast the time has gone, we talked about wanting to see our great countryside, how we would love to buy a vacation home in the mountains, how we want to travel more often as a family and as just the 2 of us.  So after I had this deep conversation with my husband, this is how he interrupted that...

     A week after coming back from Ameilia Island my husband said to me "I want to take you somewhere" knowing that I did not marry the romantic type of guy, I imagined that we were headed to Bass Pro, or Home Depot.  I gave him the I'm not getting in the car  look and 10 minutes later I was in the car headed to wherever the hell he was taking me to.  We then pull into an RV dealership and the first thing out of my mouth was "tell me that you did not freakin buy an RV without talking to me", silence came from him, as I glared at him with the you're' dead when we get home look we were greeted by a salesman who said "Hey Joe, glad you made it in" I thought in my head how the hell does this guy know my husband, OMG what did you do Joseph?  then we headed to lot.  Joe turns around and says "I think we should buy a travel trailer and this is the one I'm thinking about"  this is how the rest of that conversation went...

Janet:  I'm not getting in that.  It's tiny (said with straight attitude)

Joe:  It's not tiny, it's 17 by 7, look... (as he proceeds to go inside.  Going through the door sideways because was too big for the door)

Janet:  Are you freakin kidding me? (while walking away)

Salesman:  (Standing silently watching this unfold)

Joe:  Come inside, it's not bad, there's tons of room!

Janet:  (Reluctantly enters the oversized coffin only to realize it's actually smaller than it looks from the outside)

Janet:  Ok...I love you but this is too close, where are we suppose to put our kids? or the dog? how the hell am I suppose to cook? (waiting for the sarcasitic "well you don't really cook" comment to come from him)

Joe:  Well the kids will all be gone soon

Janet:  Joseph...we have a 13 year old!

Salesman: (chuckeling under his breath)

Janet to Salesman:  Don't mind us.

Joe:  See it's not that bad (as he is trying to move around and not bang into every single wall, door, stove, and me of course)

Janet to Salesman:  Is this a mini fridge? Tell me this is not the actual fridge.

Salesman:  Well, this one is smaller than most standard models.

Janet:  OK, I am not buying this!  You have to be realistic Joe, we are going to kill each other in this thing.  If we are going to do this, then I am picking it out. (exiting coffin, walking with salesman to see other options)

     Now that I think about it, I think that was the plan that Joe had all along.  So we headed over to the larger more spacious travel trailers to see if we could find our ideal trailer. At this point the salesman was super comfortable with us and found great humor in helping us to figure out what we wanted.  The more we looked around, the more I fell in love with his crazy idea,  and as it most often happens in a marriage, his dream, became my dream.

Look How Cute It Is!!!!

     So there you have it, now you know how we ended up buying an RV.  So far to date we have had 2 small adventures with her and 1 week long adventure with her.  How do you think it's going?  Well, for now, let's just say, you will have to wait and the meantime read about our last 3 locations that we have taken in our travel trailer right here, go it.

Our Adventures with Ellie

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