I'm a native New Yorker who moved to Florida almost 30 years ago, so I guess you could consider me a Floridian now.  I married my High school sweetheart and together we have Alexis (20), Julia (17) and Kayla (15).

I've spent countless amounts of hours trying to document each and every milestone for my 3 girls and soon fell in love with my ability to capture a moment for a lifetime.  I purchased my first professional camera for my daughter's Senior year, and when I posted the images online for my friends, I could not believe how many people loved them.  Photography has always been deer to my heart, but chasing 3 little girls around doesn't exactly leave you time to follow your dreams.  Now a days instead of my friends telling me that I should do this for a living, it's my girls that encouraged me to follow my passion and never forget my own dreams, & that's how Life Through The Lens started.

My style is colorful, simple and fresh.  My sessions are candid, relaxed and easy going.  Fifty years from now, I want my clients to look back on their images and relive that moment.  I want to take all of the hassle out of a studio environment, let me come to you, let's pick a favorite place and let's build a package customized for what you envision.  Whether you're looking for portraits, or have a special day you want to remember forever, let me have the pleasure of capturing your Life Through The Lens, I would love to hear from you!

Let's get started,


The Loves of my Life

I'm so excited to tell you about The FL365 Project!  In our down time my family and I love to travel, we love to discover new locations, eat local foods, and take the roads less traveled.  So, when I'm not photographing families, you can find me outside taking in the sheer beautify right outside my door.

I'll be honest...I hated Florida when I first moved here in the early 90's, yeiks! that really dates me.  Over the years I have fallen in love with everything that Florida has to offer.  Besides the obvious 365 days of sunshine, it's the most nature filled place I've been, offering visitors more than just the typical amusement parks and 2 hour wait lines.  Over the past year I have dedicated my blog to traveling Florida hoping to get people to see the "Real" side of Florida and experience some of the most beautiful locations we have found while traveling.

It's not always an easy trip since my travels often involve  my girls, my 2 dogs, my hubby, and a few tagalongs like my niece or nephew, my daughter's new love, insert cheesy smile, my sisters, or on a rare occasion my retired parents who think my RV loving lifestyle is a little unconventional, but in the end...it's all about the experience and all about the destination!

Let's partner together to drive our visitors right to your door!

Livin' Life To Explore,


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